5 Important Winter Plumbing Issues by MODAL – The Best Plumbing Company in Vancouver

The Overview:

Winter has arrived in full force across the Vancouver and whole Canada, and as the temperatures continue to fall, many homeowners are coping with the stressors that are associated with the winter season. You should do all in your power to prevent problems with the plumbing from making it onto that list. Find out about some of the most severe plumbing issues that can occur during the winter, as well as what you can do to prevent them.

1. Concerns with the Warm-Air Heater for the Water:

There is nothing that will make you feel more uncomfortable than going into what you believe to be a pleasant, hot shower, only to discover that the water in the shower is freezing cold. When it is cold outside, this is an exceptionally irritating situation to be in. If the hot water heater in your home is not operating as it should, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. It’s possible that the problem is just that silt deposits need to be drained, but it’s also possible that the heating element is faulty or that the pilot pipes have blown. Calling in an experienced and best plumbing company in vancouver, British Columbia is going to be your best bet for finding a solution to the issue.

2. Sewer Line Backups:

It’s an issue that no homeowner ever likes to face, but dealing with a clogged septic tank or sewage line during the winter is especially challenging because of the cold weather. Because of the low temperatures and the possibility that the pipes could freeze, the cost of repairing backups during the winter can be significantly higher than it would be during the summer. As a result of this, it is in your best interest to get the tank treated and pumped before you begin to encounter any issues.

3. Drains That Are Blocked:

Leaves, other debris, and snow can obstruct the gutters and drains in your property if they are not removed regularly. This results in the formation of “ice dams,” which, in turn, can cause leaks and other water-related damage. Either using a hose to clear out the gutters and drains or installing a product that may act as a gutter guard is the most effective approach to avoid these problems.

4. Outdoor Kitchen Sink Walls:

In many houses, the pipes for the kitchen sink are situated outside of the wall rather than inside it. This makes room for the installation of a window. These pipes are susceptible to freezing when exposed to cold weather. You may prevent this from happening by opening up the cabinets in your home. This will allow warm air to circulate and will heat up the pipes.

5. Frozen Pipes:

The most typical problem that occurs with plumbing throughout the winter is frozen pipes. Pipes that are exposed to the elements are more likely to freeze and burst, which is a hugely expensive problem to fix. Disconnect all hoses leading outside and, if at all feasible, insulate the faucets to stop it from happening. In addition to this, wrap heat tape around any exposed pipes that are located outside the building.

What You Need to Do?

In the event that any of these winter plumbing issues become apparent, we are on call, ready and prepared to serve homeowners and business owners located anywhere within the Greater Vancouver areas and Burnaby! Just click here to call the best plumbing company in vancouver, North Shore or Burnaby.